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ohmygosh. It's been a month since I blogged!!

So sorry about the absence. When life gets busy, some things go by the wayside, and my lovely little corner of the blogosphere went waaaaaay by the wayside.

So, what the heck have I been doing that I haven't been able to update? Well, lots.

In April I kicked off my second support group for Dementia Education and Support at my church. We have a nice, small core group of people who have been just outstanding to talk to, educate, and learn from myself. I feel like I get so much more back than I could possibly give when I run this group. It's just amazing when you know you are doing something that God has called you to. We will continue to meet weekly until the end of May.

I also finished up my 3rd grad school class (Another A, thank you very much!)! My next one starts up next week! I am hoping to hold on to my 4.0 through the whole program now! It is also very clear to me that this was the right time in my life to go to graduate school. I love my program, I love my cohort, and for whatever reason, I can balance it in my life right now. I feel very blessed. Help me remember this next fall when I have to balance an internship into this whole thing!

I also have been much more intentionally about my physical activity and I FINALLY have found the perfect gym buddy! We've been going twice a week and doing a circuit workout and trying to throw in some running on the other days. I also just started a new dance class this week as well. I think I have finally crossed over to the dark side and can admit I kind-of-maybe-might-actually LIKE running. I know... ME - liking running! The whole concept is absurd. I am still on track for my New Year's Resolution of running 1 5K per month for the year. It is definitely keeping me motivated to keep training!

I also took a quick trip to Texas to visit my college roomie - and I have one photo. #fail. But, just trust me, it was a great trip! Janna is one of my oldest and dearest friends. It was just like old times to be able to see and talk with her, catching up and laughing about old times, while creating new memories too! (One of those involves me nearly killing myself with my own klutziness). Maybe I will even do a whole post about it!

Then this past week has been one of the most stressful of my entire year - we had our annual inspection at work - with pretty good results I might add! However, the surveyors really grilled into me, questioning me, my qualification, and so on. Honestly, I think they thought I was too young to have my position, but I think my work spoke for itself. Overall, they were impressed with my unit and that's what is important!

That's my April in a nutshell. Right now I am enjoying one of my rare, beautiful free Saturdays. It feels good to not have a schedule for today. I am going to finish my morning coffee, take the pups to the vet, and hopefully get in a nice run before it rains!


Brittney said...

Glad things are going so well for you! I just had to say, I love the pictures you chose for this post - a lot of ones that made me laugh. :)

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