Fashion Friday

Guys, its been HOT this week.

Walking out the door feels like walking into a wall of hot jello the hair is so thick and heavy with humidity. I am looking forward to the storms this afternoon that will hopefully break the heatwave. I also had 2 interviews this week for an upcoming internship position I have to have for my graduate program, so I tried to be a little subdued in some of my outfit choices.

I  think I have an obsession with yellow these days. 
Dress: Target Shoes: Necklace: Accessory Dash Belt: from another dress

Top and skirt: Target, Shoes: Earrings: Accessory Dash Belt: from another dress

Capris: Loft, Top and hat: Target Sandals: Shoe Carnival

Dress:, Shoes: Target, Neckalce: Kohls, Belt: from another dress

I had a lot of fun rocking the faux-bob this week. Some people freaked and others sent sweet compliments my way. Either way, it was fun to work a new (but temporary) style for a day.

Guys, I think I am in a rut. A matchy-matchy rut. I keep gravitating towards accessories of all the SAME color. Shoes, belt, necklace, earrings - all of it the same color. As you can see, I have been walking around in some variation of solid color dress + multiple accessories of the same color = outfit for days. Hopefully next week I can challenge myself to get out of this pattern! Anyone else ever experience fashion ruts? Tell me about it in the comments!

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NewlyLoved said...

great looks!!

xo Jessica

Rebecca said...

You are too cute! I love your black/white/yellow outfit!

kerby said...

So I bought this horizontal striped pencil skirt from target that I am wearing to a job interview tomorrow and was googling different ways to wear it and it occurred to me that you always snap super cute pictures of yourself wearing clothes that I actually like/could see myself in. So I popped in and saw that you pretty much have the same striped skirt from Target and wore it untucked with a skinny belt. Thank you for the inspiration!

AshleaD said...

Ah Kerby - I am just now seeing this! So glad I could offer a little inspiration! :) Hope the interview went well!!! :)

promdress mall said...
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