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Whoops - I missed Friday for posting - too busy being busy! This week was seriously the most stressful week ever! I am super thankful it is over and I have 2 long, beautiful weeks of stay-cation ahead of me.
It has been quite cold here in Chicagoland, so the scarves have been out in full force! There is nothing quite so cozy as a scarf in winter - I even wear them lounging about the house with my PJs.

I did some, alot, all of my Christmas shopping online this year in between writing papers, internshiping, and working. Bonus though, from I qualified for a bag of free swag worth $50 (can you even imagine how much one must shop at a website to qualify for that!) and this gorgeous scarf came in the order. I LOVE it. It is a beautiful infinity scarf that is super voluminous, just like I like my scarves. I may have worn it at least 3 times since it arrived. :) 

 I am not really a pin-on-the-scarf kind of girl, but this was a gift and I was going to the gifter's Christmas party, so I popped the cute little tree onto my scarf.

This dress was my birthday gift to myself. I call it the bumblebee dress, but I don't know what it's actual witty little name from ModCloth is... well hold on a tick, I can go find out. Ok, it's super fancy name is "Literary Luncheon" dress. Either way, I love it. The neckline is a bit low for work, so I tossed on this vintage scarf of my mama's to keep those girls in check. 

These next two weeks I am looking forward to airing some of my more casual clothes since I have been in work-wear roughly 6-7 days a week for the past 4 months. I am not even sure I remember how to dress casual! I am sure the scarves will continue to be a wardrobe staple no matter what!

What's your favorite cold-weather accessory?

PS - I have tested the comment section, and it is fully operational! ;)

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Oh, love this outfit with the yellow skirt, beautiful!

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