Rachel over at Rachel the Hat posed a shopping challenge for the New Year – a 100 day shopping ban. I figure I will retro-activate mine from 1/1/14. So that would be no shopping for clothing, shoes, or accessories until roughly (if I can add correctly)  April 10th. As I feel I am in a similar situation to Rachel – shopping is my hobby, it makes me happy, but I have more clothes than should be legal – I decided I would join her on this shopping ban. Things could get interesting around here folks!

However, my one caveat to this ban is that I want to spend my Christmas money on some new items for my wardrobe. Instead of just running out and shopping willy-nilly like I normally would’ve at the post-holiday sales, I was laid up with an upper respiratory infection. I am still half-dead from this infection, so I have had no desire, energy, or gumption to even attempt shopping. This actually may be a blessing though, because faced with 3 months of no new clothes has made me be more purposeful in thinking about what I would spend my precious gift cards on. 

My shopping list includes:
1. Faux fur scarf – I have really been digging the look of just a touch of faux fur and I dislike vests on my figure, so a scarf seems a natural choice

2. A bright, A-line skirt – This is a piece that can transition from winter to spring and can be mixed up about 1000 different ways – I just have to find the right length and color.

3. Olive skinnies – these have been on my list for awhile and seem like a great alternative to jeans for casual days.

4. Suede or leather (faux of course) detailed leggings – I want to up my legging status and have them be a bit more sophisticated than the stretchy ones I snag at Target for $5 and $8.

5. A unique scarf-meets-hood sweatshirt. I like being comfy and cute and these types of hoodies seem to fit the bill. I have been eyeing this one for a while now, but it is currently out of stock. Bummer.

6. Some new work out gear to inspire me to get my tush back into the gym and hitting the pavement. Sometimes it helps to have fancy new duds to sweat in.

So that is it! My husband is going to be 100% supportive of this exercise in self-control and I hope to push myself to be a bit more creative in my outfit creations! 


AlliFerg said...

I feel like you need to save the gift cards for AFTER the ban and use them as a reward! I want to join ... but with house stuff.

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