Guys, sometimes this whole blogging this is really hard. 

I mean, yes, I have been super busy as of late, but it is more than that. 

I stress over the content here. I adore reading other blogs, but I have little confidence that anything I say is readable. I am not very funny, not very witty, and don’t have any type of platform to tout products or anything else. 

I feel extraordinarily ordinary. And most days, really, I am A-OK with ordinary. 

But is ordinary worth blogging? 

What about those really tough, but still ordinary seasons of life? 

Weeks when people you love are exceptionally hard on you for no good reason. The weeks you disappoint yourself. The days you cannot stand to look in a mirror. Those times that if one more person asks you to do something you will just scream. I have had a lot of these lately. I have had no desire to string words together and plaster them up on the internet, because why? I have nothing positive of note to say. I don’t want to be a whiny blogger and just express my feelings when things are tough or I am down. And my gosh, if I have to take one more selfie… 

But at the same time, I want to be authentic and real because that is what I love so much about some of my favorite bloggers. They keep it real yo. 

So in the spirit of authenticity – life has been hard. I am tired. Eh - more than tired, weary. I have not wanted to blog. I have not wanted to take pictures of myself. I’ve taken some hits to my self esteem (honestly, sometimes I amaze myself for the amount of self-confidence I do have). I’ve worried more than my norm. I have hit my stress limits on all fronts; work, school, and home. 

But today – I see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I have been taking care of myself a bit better and hitting the pavement again. I am feeling stronger and blissfully sore again. I am almost done with another class and that much closer to my Masters. The winter has finally broke and Spring is here. I am going to be practicing a little more self-love and taking more time to appreciate my accomplishments rather than just plowing ahead to the next thing. I am setting a new intention for the rest of the year; to love my whole self. 

I don’t know what that might look like yet – I do know that I need to holistically care for myself; mind, body, and soul. Maybe a little more exercise, a little more reflection, possibly some journaling, hopefully a little less stress and anxiety, and a little more confidence perhaps? 

What do you do to love yourself and renew mind/body/spirit?


Brittney said...

I just wanted to say I love your "ordinary" blog... I feel like I've got to know you a lot better over the year(s) of reading it... your clothes are so cute (and I live vicariously through that because I'm in yoga pants! Your house looks so peaceful and welcoming when you post decorating pics, and I really really like the book reviews and recommendations! Just wanted to encourage you because I enjoy reading here no matter what you post about. :)

Rachel The Hat said...

ok missy.. you are awesome! I find you incredibly witty and kind and your comments and tweets are always my favourites to read. What you write is wonderful as it is YOU! This blog is your little patch on that big old worldwideweb, so you do what makes you happy. If you are happy then that will show.
If you don't want to blog sometimes, don't.. its always your call.But ultimately its gotta make you happy. Lord knows we do not get paid for this and it is time consuming so has to be enjoyable. I love seeing your IG feed and perhaps do some what ashlea did type posts.. your hair and makeup is always perfect and enviable, so perhaps do some haircare/makeup posts.
Your wardobe is to die for so perhaps do some posts with outfits laid out on the floor with some remixes (know what i mean?)
Its hard as there are so many bloggers these days, which is wonderful but can be intimidating, i know i think way to often that im not good enough, my blog isn't big/bold enough my outfits are meh.. but then i rememeber that i have awesome readers that have become pals (you!) and it makes me think, blogging is about friendships too.
ok longest comment ever..sorry my dear haha!
tweet me if you want to chat or email me on rachelturone (at)gmail(dot)com

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