Friday Favorites

I like to hop around the blogosphere to see everyone's Friday posts because they are all usually so upbeat and lovely. Everyone is celebrating the fact that it is Friday, the hard week is over, and the weekend is just a few hours away... It is like a party on the internet and I love it.

I want to put out some positive Friday-vibes on my little corner of the interwebs too, so I thought I would just throw out a couple things I am loving from this past week! (Prepare yourself for this to be all over the place, I love lots of things!)

1. Jif Whips

This is heaven in a dish. Oh my goodness, it is light and fluffy and super delicious. I am telling everyone I know about this stuff and my husband and I are going through almost 2 tubs a week! We are constantly fighting over the chocolate one... its almost like candy or nutella but FLUFFY. Really, there is no going wrong here.

2. Nurses and Teachers

Hey it's nurse and teacher appreciation week - I know a bunch of both and they are some of the most giving, loving, patient, kind people with stomachs of steel... I mean kids and patients = body fluids. *shudder* But really, I do think you are amazing and respect all of the really hard work you all do to make the world better either by teaching or by nursing. :)

3. The Originals

If it is wrong that my husband and I bond over smutty supernatural shows, then I don't want to be right. We both totally love this new CW spinoff (even better than the original... har har) and always watch it together. Elijah is my favorite. I think the hubs prefers Klaus. :)

4. Pinterest - Geek Section

This section of pinterest truly speaks to my soul... or at least my funny bone. When I need a pick-me-up at work, I spend 5 minutes here and giggle to my heart's content. It's also full of great gifs of Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) dancing. Go ahead. Click here, here, here, here, here and here. You will thank me.

5. Summer Country Music
Now this truly does speak to my soul. Some of the new country songs hitting the air waves are seriously taking me straight back to 17, laying in the grass, watching the stars, and being carefree. It's nostalgic, bittersweet, and just lovely. (Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back to 17 for a million dollars, BUT it is nice to get all reminisce-y)

You can check out some of my absolute favorites right now on the ol'
Luke Bryan - Play it Again (I mean... swoooon)
Black Shelton - My Eyes
Keith Urban - Cop Car
Band Perry - Chainsaw
Eric Church - Hometown
Rascal Flatts - Rewind

What are YOU loving this week?? Products, music, websites?? Share in the comments!

Happy Friday!


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