Laor Day Weekend

Well, Labor Day weekend was not everything I wanted it to be, but it was still a good time. Unfortunately I got sick starting Friday night with a cold. We headed up to Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon. Our first stop was at Fudrucker's for lunch. We played some Cruisin USA while we were there which was very fun (I won!) Then we stopped at the Cave in the Mounds. It was my first time ever in a cave or underground for that matter. It was very interesting to see geology in action. haha

  We stayed at The House on the Rock Inn and were able to get the tickets for The House on the Rock tour in with the price of the hotel room. That night we took it pretty easy, spent some time in the hot tub, and ordered pizza hut delivery. We watched cable TV. It was great :) lol

On Sunday morning we had a nice continental breakfast and headed up to The House on the Rock. I was really excited for Brandon to see this place, because it's just so full of whimsy. This man built his house literally on top of a rock and wanted it to be pretty much harmonious with the rock and kept to it's natural shape. Much of the place is built out of limestone. He also designed the windows to come out at an angle to give a better look at the surrounding view. He built these from the inside out without scaffolding. He also expanded and added The Streets of Yesterday and The Heritage of the Seas and a giant carousel. I will post just a few pics of the highlights. The entire album is on facebook.

I would have taken a lot more pictures if I had been feeling like a normal human being, and been able to breathe. lol This whole place is just filled with crazy things. There is a huge battle scene set up with over 40 suits of armor, probably more than 100 extravagant dollhouses, circus scenes, and model ships. I really think people should see this place at least once in their lives. The slogan is "where imagination comes to life" which is pretty accurate. There is this big carousel with over 100 figures on it, but not one of them is a horse! There are probably 100 horses hanging on the wall in that room though! Throughout the house there are these elaborate musical displays that play themselves! You put a token in a machine and you hear "click click click" and then Bam! Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy  from the Nutcracker is playing. It was amazing.


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