Weekend Update and Hip... hiphop... hiphopapotomas

We had such a jam-packed weekend that I thought I should probably blog about it. :)

Friday: I got to leave work a couple hours early (yay!) and we headed to Ashton for a quick trip. On the way, I learned that my darling husband hadn't known until earlier this year that the sign outside of Aurora that says "Blackberry Farm" was about actual berries. He had always thought it was a place where Blackberry phones were manufactured or something... Anyway, we got a good laugh out of it and my impression of how Nana was going to react when we shared that with her. (read: I was spot-on!) We had a laid back night with Nana and Papa and watched The Proposal and the last half of Steel Magnolias. Then off to bed.... kind of. The pups aren't so good away from home and even though they had their cozy crates, they didn't do so good at sleeping. Brandon had them out at 2 am. I was up with them at 3 am. Then, after a 7 am text from my cousin, I gave up on any additional sleep time.

Saturday: Up bright and early! Brandon and I ventured even further into the country (quite the adventure for Brandon. He was very excited by the antlers on some guy's gate) for a brunch at my cousin Heather's house. We made some chocolate chip pancakes (my "niece" Kaylynn was a great little helper and only 1 cup or so of Bisquick landed on my foot). Heather made us cinnamon rolls, fruit and yogurt parfaits, and some awesome fattening, real bacon! Kaylynn lead us on a walk with Jilly (Becky's pup) and had to show us her bridge over their little creek. It is always so nice to catch up with my sissies. I don't see them nearly as often as I'd like too.
After our walk in the country we headed back to Ashton.... for nap time. I was exhausted from not really sleeping the night before and there is just something about curling up on your couch at home. I have napped on that little couch since I was in high school and it's just comforting. Nana, of course, was yelling at me that I should just nap in the bed... just like old times. Then, after nap time... bath time... for Sophie. She smelled. Nana was not going to tolerate her stickiness for another second. So, she got a bath.
Brandon and I then headed up to the Stauffer's for a taco dinner! It was so great to see my college friends and roommates again, and to catch up with some old acquaintances (read: ex's mom. :)) and eat yummy, yummy Stauffer-food. I had a great time with Erin, Liz, Janna, and Kasey at dinner. My favorite quote might have been "Oh like a pet-a-file" haha Oh so inappropriate Erin. After dinner was Janna's concert, which my little cousins went to as well. Dax and Jag were basically little angels during the concert and I was very proud. My roommate is freakishly talented. It's always amazing to hear her play. I feel so blessed to know such talented people and I hope she will still talk to me after she's famous. :)
When the concert was over Dax and Jag informed me that we had to go because Nana was making them macaroni at home. So we dropped them off, picked up the girls, and headed back home. I was having a serious allergy attack on the way home and was so tired that I made Brandon play 20 questions with me to stay awake. I think it took him from DeKalb to Naperville and probably 50 questions to get Hippopotamus. Yep. I totally had him stumped. I was laughing so hard on the way home at some of his questions and overall puzzlement. It was great.
I guess I will include Sunday, because it technically is still weekend, but... I worked. After work though, I went to my in-law's to watch the Emmy's. I took the girls with so Brandon could have some quality study time to make up for being so busy this weekend. I think the Best Dressed of the night goes (for me) to Jane Lynch. Love her. lots. And.... can  I just BE Christina Hendricks (even though I don't love the dress)? va va vavoom!

And even though I don't love her, Kim K looks fan-freakin-tastic

The worst of the night for me... maybe because they looked like they hated their own dresses: January Jones and Anna Paquin

Ok- enough Emmy fashion!

Well, I think I have now delivered on everything I promised a couple posts back except for the weekend away with friends. Sadly, the friends are no longer coming and we will be shortening the weekend away by one night. BUT- we are still headed up to WI over Labor Day weekend. I am for sure looking forward to blogging about Brandon's reactions the the craziness that is The House on the Rock. :)


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Thanks for thinking I'm freakishly talented. And don't worry. I'll always talk to you. :-)

AshleaD said...

Yay Janna for being on blogspot!! :)

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