Keep Calm and Carry On

   My goodness- it certainly seems that I have been neglecting my blog these past couple weeks. Well I have been a bit under the weather and quite a bit stressed. You probably remember a few posts ago when I shared about my promotion that I was pretty excited about- well I got another one. Yep- 2 promotions in one month! I am more stressed about this one than I am excited- right now anyway. I have been promoted to the Director of Dementia Care Services and while it is a position I had hoped I would eventually have, it was not expected so quickly. My would-have-been-boss is moving on to a different facility and they decided to go ahead and offer me the position. Wow. It's awesome that my superiors have the confidence in me that I will be able to do the job, but it is still a lot of swallow and a lot to learn in a short 2 weeks time. I do not have any management experience yet- so there will definitely be challenges along the way. The good news: my own office! haha I am looking forward to eventually being able to make the space my own and really owning it. I think on of my first additions will have to be something like the photo at the top of this blog. Which has also become my new mantra.

I also have to work on finishing up my bedroom re-do that I wanted to have done in 2 weeks... way back in October. Well- life happened and I still have a few small projects on my To-Do list. The one I am most excited about is the new curtains I have ordered. I tried to be smart and thrifty and use a tablecloth, and while I like the color and print- it is really not working for me. I also have to replace a piece of art. Finish a mini-art project, and find something to do with my mini-necklace dresser because barn red doesn't really work in a country yellow bedroom. So, still a little ways to go on that.

In my book-life I have also gotten stuck on Eat, Pray, Love. (Eat, Prey, Love was much easier to get through). I am a little irritated by some of her faith concepts and now I am just plain bored. It is officially overdue from the library now too, which is only going to make me mad when I have to pay a fee for a book I am not even that crazy about. (and you know I am going to make myself sit through this movie too. I love Julia Roberts!)

I have discovered a show that I pretty much love. It was short-lived, only one season, but really good. It's called Firefly. Here's a fun music video that shows clips from the show. I kinda dig the song:


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