Mini-Reading Interview and Keturah and the Lord Death Review

I am stealing this fab idea from Bloggers Heart Books for their Blogoversary they let readers submit questions and bc they are awesome- they answered a bunch of mine! So I am picking and choosing a couple of the questions to answer about myself and my reading habits. Then I am going to tack on a mini-review about Keturah and the Lord Death which is a book that was recommended to me by my roomie Liz!

How many books do you read a year?
Errrr.... This depends, I go through phases. Some weeks I will get through half a book and others I can read 3-4. If I had to guess I'd say at least 50. 
Who are your current favourite heroines/heroes?
I love Katniss Everdeen- she's my girl right now and Lisbeth Salander!
I used to love Anita Blake too (total kick-butt vamp executioner) but she has been failing me lately- losing her morals and such. I liked her better when she had more boundries and less men in her life.
What was the most disappointing book ending you've encountered this year?
Gah- the trilogy of A Great and Terrible Beauty. Any book that has the heroine in tears on the LAST page of the THIRD book with NO hope of resolving the issue is a disappointing ending. I was so mad when I finished that book. *grumble*

The least disappointing?
Mockingjay. Yes it was a bit heartwrenching for various reasons, but man, I think she nailed it with the ending of this trilogy. I have so much love for these books! 

What are your top five books of all time?
This is super hard, but I will try.
I will always love The With of Blackbird Pond and have read it like 50 times.
Twilight (cheesy, but life changing:)), 
Hunger Games (new, but amazing), 
Harry Potter series (no matter that there are 7 books here),
Anne of Green Gables series (no one is counting the multiple books here either) 

Keturah and the Lord Death:
When Lord Death comes to claim sixteen-year-old Keturah while she is lost in the King's Forest, she charms him with her story and is granted a twenty-four hour reprieve in which to seek her one true love. 

This has to be a mini-review because I will be long-winded and give the plot away otherwise. I'll be honest, it took me 60 or so pages before I actually cared about what was happening in the book. I think I had to get used to the writing style, but after that, ohhhhhh boy- I was hooked and finished it within a couple hours. It took me several days to get through those first 60-70 pages, but man, after I was committed to the story, it was all over. I think this book is a great, quick read and the story will stick with you. I found myself thinking about the lessons in the book and Keturah often after finishing it, I think because it is so relatable. Everyone encounters Death at some point. I also like books that focus on Death as an actual character and he is one complex dude. (Another great book which Death actually narrates is The Book Thief - HIGHLY reccommend it). I liked the relationships in the book between Keturah and her grandmother and her 2 dear friends. I also liked her spunk! She was a solid character and I felt her turmoil at different points in the story. I ended up really liking this book. Thank you Ms. Liz!
So I would say, 4/5 for Keturah and the Lord Death. It doesn't get the full 5/5 because it took me a while to get into and I hate the name Keturah (I mean how do you even say that?!)


Brittney said...

Ok - you made this book sound pretty interesting so I'm getting it from the library today! And that's an accomplishment for me because I haven't read fiction in probably a year and a half! Ha ha! I'm excited to read it! Thanks! :)

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