Bedroom Project

I know- this is the blog I promised so long ago! Waaaaaaay back in October? Yes. That’s embarrassing.
To be fair, I have had the bedroom done for nearly a month and photos were taken 2 weeks ago, but you know how it goes once the Christmas season hits. So folks, without further ado, the bedroom post:
I started this project back in September I think- I really wanted a new comforter. Our brown one from our first bedroom was worn and just a bit skeazy looking, plus it didn’t match the tones of the browns on the wall in the bedroom. Here is the old brown one:

I love love love our down comforter and really wanted to find a duvet cover for it, but I gave up on that search after weeks of looking. There are just not good options out there for duvets (unless, of course, you make it yourself- which I just didn’t feel like doing). I THOUGHT I had a solution when I found this bright yellow beauty of a comforter.Here's the preview pic: 

It looked awesome in the store. Bright. Fresh. Different. Cheery. And Yellow! (For some reason, I was fixated on incorporating yellow into the new bedroom-it’s just such a HAPPY color!) After 3 days of “trying it out” I just couldn’t take it. It didn’t convey the right mood to the room. It was too juvenile I think. I stuffed it back into the box-ish and I toted it back to Target. I have become braver about returning things these days. They took it back and were a little chagrined that I didn’t quite get it all back in that itty bitty box. Whoops.  Well that was about an $80 set for 2 pillow shams and comforter. I wanted to keep my next find around the same price point and so began my search… I searched at Target, JC Penny, Macy’s, and Kohls both online and in stores. Then, I got a coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond and had leftover gift card money from our wedding to the store (lame I know- it took me more than a year to spend it). So I trooped over to BB and B and found a beautiful quilt and matching shams. I was in LOVE! And it was on SALE! And I had a COUPON! And I had a GIFT CARD! It was almost too much to take in. So, it ended up being slightly more expensive (like by $10)  with all of the above discounts –which was golden as far as I am concerned. Isn’t it purdy?? 
So- with the bed spread finally decided I could turn my attentions toward the rest of the room.  Here are some before and after’s for you: 

Dresser views: 
Before- lots of reds

I re-painted the black shelves and little yellow birdy

I got the Van-Gogh print on Ebay and just put it in the frame we had there

 This frame was red, as you can see above. I had gotten it on super-sale at Hobby Lobby. I never really loved it because the saying on it was "If you love something you have to let it go and if it comes back to you it was meant to be, if it doesn't it wasn't mean to be" or something like that. I just never loved that sentiment. So, I spray painted it along with my lamps (you can see below) and shelves (pictured above) and then went to town with puffy paint! I used one of my pillows from my living room and from Lindsay at Aisle to Aloha and her pretty dahlia painting as inspiration. I will be honest, I don't love the way it turned out. I would just leave off the dark brown and do it all in gold if I could re-do it, but everyone who sees it likes it, so it stays.

Before- pretty boxes


The vase was $7 at Target on clearance! 

I covered the decorative boxes with muslin, then the zebra print fabric. I used a hot glue gun and pretty much wrapped them like presents. I love the result! Still great for storage and they match the room, bringing in a little bit of the wild! haha

Now if I had to choose, these might be my favorite addition to the room:
Ahh- curtains!
Now- I first saw these amazing curtains on Thrifty Decor Chick's site. She found them at JC Penny for $12.99 per panel. Awesome! Especially when the orginal price is something like $80 PER PANEL. So, of course, I surfed right over to and made my purchase, only to receive a disappointing phone call a few hours later to tell me that they had sold out. Well, I would not be dismayed. I then hopped right on over to Ebay! I found a seller who had these curtains in a rust color. I emailed her and found out (Oh happy day!) that she did have the gold, but hadn't listed them yet. She emailed me when she listed them and I immediately bought them. I paid about $15 per panel and $10 in shipping- so a $40 set of curtains, plus $10 or so for a rod and curtain hangers. Not too shabby! I also have a room darkening set of curtains under them as well, because I am all about it being dark. I used Thrifty Decor Chick's method of hanging the curtains as well and just used shower rings (hey- I had a pack just laying around!) to hang up the room-darkening shades underneath.

My other project for this room was the lamps. I love the creamy beige color that they ended up as. They began as bronze, had a short stint as a terrifying yellow color (sorry- no pics of that) and finally the beige. I also love the canvas lampshades and like the texture they bring into the room.

So there. Finally. I hope it was worth the wait. We really, really, really love the way it looks! Hope you do too!


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