Baby Got Back..... pain.

Well here is a health update for ya:
My back is all out of whack.

I told you a couple posts back about my fitness failure and back pain. I finally got to see a chiropractor (have been waiting about 4 years for some decent insurance) over the weekend and got a laundry list of things not quite right.

       - 2 vertebrae in my neck were/are rotated severely to the right causing
       - straining in the muscles in the left side of my neck
       - my right shoulder was out of alignment, causing
       - upper back pain and misalignment
       - my right hip was out of place (sitting a bit higher than the left one actually)
       - my lower back is hyper-extended and
       - I have really terrible posture
       - All of the above could be contributing to my very frequent headaches and chronic migraines. 

So I have been given some stretches and exercises to do at home in between adjustments and physical therapy for the next few weeks. I was also told to avoid the gym until my back is on its way to healing. Since the gym is off limits for awhile I need to be really careful about my food intake because I will not be able to burn off any extra calories. Superbowl Sunday didn't count. I started Monday (as all bad things should start on a Monday). My lunch was a salad and apple with some organic bunny-grams as a mid-afternoon snack. Breakfast was a fiber-filled bowl of chocolate (don't judge me) mini-wheats with organic skim milk. Dinner was some tuna casserole. Not TOO shabby (we don't need to talk about the 2 cans of pop I drank to get through my work day). The really hard part is going to be keeping this up. Wish me luck.


Melanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear it Ashlea!! I hope you get well soon so you can enjoy country music this summer without pain! Good luck staying on track. I know you can do it! :D
Let me know if it helps the migraines. I've gotten 3 in the past 2 weeks :(

Farmchick said...

Get well! I hope this does help with the migraines.

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