Summer Dreams

Well- as the world knows, the mid-west is in the middle of a deep freeze. Today's high temp. was 15. This morning, when I left my house, it was -6 with a windchill of -16. That. is. cold. So, in a sad attempt to warm up, I started dreaming about summer and making plans for my patio.

See- the poor thing never really blossomed this past summer. We were busy moving in and paying attention to the inside of our new lovely home and the patio was neglected: this year will be the year of the Patio.
It isn't a ton of space to work with, but here are some pictures I have found for what I would like to turn this little slab of concrete into.

I love the ambiance of the night photo and want to create that by hanging some solar power garden lights. (I bought some last summer from Target that never made it up). I also LOVE all of the plants in these pictures! I so want to incorporate more plant-life which will be a bit of a challenge. I am a big fan of the shabby-chic feeling in the last picture too, but am looking for a little more color for the patio to make it a fun and inviting atmosphere. I also need some comfy seating and would like to do away with one set of the chairs and that table. We inherited the table with the apartment. Its ugly and big and no good for the patio. We never use it for anything. (these are my arguments to Brandon so he lets me get rid of it) Anyone want a free table??? :)

 How is that for some color huh? I have been lusting over the idea of a hammock chair since last summer when it was so out of the budget and so low priority. Aren't those cute too?? I love the brightness! The bottle-chimes are actually from World Market and I pick them up every single time I go in that darn store, next time, they are coming home with me :)

Now, we will be facing some space issues on this patio because it is the only place we can store our bikes and we have a ginormous air conditioning unit living out there. Plus, because I am a wonderful and thoughtful wife we will have to make room for this:
Disclaimer: this prob isn't the exact grill I got the hubs for Christmas, but its close enough.
And while I am very excited at the prospect of grilled dinners this summer, it will probably take up as much room as the ginormous air conditioning unit.

Clearly, that ugly rod-iron table has to go. (not really doing a great job of selling that thing am I? lol)

Well, this made me warm on the inside at least for a little while. Now I am going to cuddle up with my pups under my electric blanket in my flannel pjs and slippers and dream about the summer. :)


Farmchick said...

Daydreaming about warmer temps is getting me through this winter as well. Love all of these images. Great ideas.

Brittney said...

Post before and after photos! I love your decorating! :)

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