Bulletin Board Quickie

After my office re-arranging and organizing I did a super fast re-vamping of my bulletin board. This thing was previously a necklace holder and it had some craters in it and it's just not pretty or inspiring to look at plain cork.  I had some leftover material from my boxes for the bedroom project and pulled it out to use. I also used a stapler, fabric glue, and a round-cutter thingy (that is the technical term).
I stapled the fabric around the edges and trimmed off the excess using the cutter. I made sure the fabric was stretched pretty tight across the board. I wasn't too worried about the edges being neat (not too much of a perfectionist here)
Then, I used black ribbon to edge it. I stabled an end of the ribbon and used fabric glue to make it stick in the middle. And then- Voila!
Pretty cute huh? :)
My first craft at my newly organized desk! haha


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