SAG Best and Worst Dressed

This is a bit late, the SAG Awards were on Sunday night, but there were some FAB dresses. My Best and Worst of the night:

Sofia Vegura - Can this woman NOT look sexy? Wowza!

Did Tina Fey get a stylist? *gasp* She looks fantastic!

Now- people were split on this one- but I LOVE it. Way to take a risk Julie Bowen!

This picture does not do Hilary Swank's dress justice. She looked amazing!

Heather Morris - also working the nude tone. Love the flowy-ness

Mila Kunis - Well Done. 
 And, everyone's favorite part: WORST:
This dress is one part boring, one part boudoir, and all over bad. Naya Riviera

How can Christina Hendricks make herself look frumpy? This dress apparently.

Winona Ryder - not prom or a wedding. Sorry sweetie.

I don't even know who this chick is but its ALL wrong.

Love Jane Lynch - that said - A Sue Sylvester track suit may have been more flattering.

Also love Jenna Fisher, but she probably should have chosen a less-matronly, blah dress.


B. Wilson said...

I agree on all accounts. :)

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