Cupcake Confessions

Here we go with another fitness/health post. I am happy to report that my chiropractic sessions have been helping immensely with my lower back pain! We are still working on the headache issues, but major progress has been made!
Well, with all of that progress - I can go back to the gym! yay.... I no longer have a legitimate reason to not work out. boo. I know I should be more excited about it, but I have never gotten to that point were I enjoyed working out. I dislike sweating all together and would just rather curl up with a good book or Season 2 of Modern Family ( show. If you haven't seen it go rent it now. right now. go.) Well my dear sissy Heather got me logged onto a new website. My Fitness Pal. It is like a social network for losing weight and being healthier. You can put on your profile your inspirations for losing weight and there is a little ticker that keeps track of your progress! The best feature of this website for me has definitely been the calorie counter. I input all of my food for the day and it totals up my calories, carbs, fats, and proteins for each day. Now, the first few days I went over my calorie goal without fail. My numbers were red and in my face bad. I have been logged onto it for about 2 weeks now, and I am much better at being aware of what I am putting into my body. I have been eating a more balanced diet, but I do struggle sometimes. I kind of have a giant sweet tooth. On Valentine's day I ate a piece of chocolate cake with lunch AND a huge cupcake (you know, the kind you get at the grocery store covered in frosting). The thing is, they didn't even taste that good!!! These were not quality sweets people... but I could not make myself put them down! Oh the shame... I am proud to report that I have been pretty good this past week (except for Sunday- Mom-in-law made shredded beef and mac and cheese).
This website has been a great way for me to be accountable to myself AND I can have friends on the site, so other people can encourage and support me (Ashb_86 is my username!)! I am probably irritating the heck out of the people around me, because I am forever yammering away about my "calorie goals" but that's how I remind myself that I really don't need that bagel or brownie or latte. So go ahead and get annoyed people- I am not shutting up!
My new, and probably really hard goal, is to stop drinking pop and more specifically caffeine. (eek!) Now, this can't go into full swing until next week (this week is crazy at work, can't give details), but I did theoretically drink my last Mountain Dew today. I had a 12 pack in my fridge and that last one is gone as of today, so I will not be buying anymore and I am going to grow some willpower to not drink them anywhere else. Wish me luck!
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