Weekend Update

Oh dear- it has been an entire week since I blogged! Whoops. I have about 4 in-progress posts ready to go, but can't seem to build up enough steam to finish anything (including the book I am reading)! I have a cabinet re-vamp, a mantle spring update, and some new ceramic animals that have been recently added to the Derry Menagerie courtesy of HomeGoods.  I also have a great website to share that is helping me stay on track-ish with my fitness goals. Lots of stuff going on here, just not enough gumption to blog about it yet. Anyway, I had a fun weekend that I thought I would share. (No pics though- camera's dead)

I spent Friday night relaxing frantically cleaning while Brandon did some last minute cramming for his CPA exam he took Saturday morning. Anytime I know Nana and Papa will be visiting I have to clean, even if I just cleaned a couple days before. haha Nana is my biggest critic, and biggest fan :) I passed the test though because she said "Oh Ashlea, your house is so clean, I am impressed". Nana is a big fan of the old-school "cleanliness is next to godliness" philosophy. Then her and Papa went ahead a re-vacuumed my living room.... twice. *sigh*
Once my living room carpet had been vacuumed within an inch of it's life, we went shopping! I took Nana and Papa to World Market and Home Goods - two of my new favorite stores thanks to Mrs. Alliferg. Nana went bananas. She could have stayed in those stores for hours, but Papa got hungry. :) We tried a new restaurant, Eggsperience, and it was really good. We got a TON of food. (I am really shocked I didn't go over my calorie goals yesterday!)
After bidding adieu to Nana and Papa, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and took the pups to the dogs parks for a little hurrah before this impending freezing rain (gross). They had a lot of fun, but were not so white after we left. The dog park was basically a big mud-pit after the big Spring tease-thaw we had last week. We got home and they went straight into the tub.
The hubs finally made it home around 5 and we decided to go on our valentine's date to Claim Jumper. Delish! I had an amazing Parmesan-crusted shrimp pasta and Brandon got a huge cheeseburger. I am getting hungry just typing about it. I would definitely recommend this restaurant- food was excellent. My only complaint would be that it was a little loud, but hey - it was crowded because the food is so great!
Today I had a lazy day catching up on some Fashion Police while Brandon went to the Auto Show with his dad and brother for some male-bonding. :) (soooo glad I didn't have to go!:))
And, now, I will leave you with a little Justin Bieber Experience. haha Love Glee- Enjoy :)


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Can't believe Nana hadn't been to World Market or HomeGoods. Crazy, hope she enjoyed :)

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