Grammy - Red Carpet; Best. Worst, and Wtf?

Well, you all knew this was coming. I love me some red carpets. :) The Grammys are a little loco, and I am adding a new category - so here we go!
Julianne Hough. Love the dress, still pretty confused about you dating Ryan Seacrest.

Miranda Lambert : Representing Country Music!

Jennifer Hudson : Body = amazing!

Kim K. not sure why you were at the Grammys, but man you rock that dress.

Hostess with the mostess! Kelly Osbourne is my fav of the entire night. LOVE that dress.

And for Worst:
Amber Reilly. *sigh* It's not that I hate this dress or that crazy necklace attacking her shoulder... it is the horrible fit. From the side you can see a big belly bump - and I am NOT judging a belly bump (have one myself) but you need to be able to hide it in a red carpet dress.

Hey chick from Paramore: Your hair clashes with your trashy tutu.

Dear John Mayer, Last time I checked the only man in the world that could pull off a "Johnny Depp" look, was JOHNNY DEPP. Get a grip man.

Naya Rivera. Get. a. Stylist.

Ricky Martin. Love La Vida Loca. Hate your tight shiny pants. It's like business on top and party on the bottom. Not working.

Rihanna. In the words of my mother-in-law "You can almost see her vajayjay." Get some class. 
And for the new category (Only for the Grammy's people). Introducing: Wtf? Confusing and out-landish wardrobe choices.
Niki Minaj. I love leopard... I don't get this.

Cyndi Lauper. 'Nuff said.

We get it Lenny Kravitz. You are edgy. kind of.

India Arie. Um??

Willow Smith. Adorable, love Whip My Hair. Not sure what's going on here.



Farmchick said...

Ricky Martin and John Mayer look ridiculous. And, compared to some of those other outfits, that is saying a lot.

Brittney said...

I thought that WAS Johnny Depp!

Janna said...

I LOVE reading these things, Ashlea. It takes me back to being rommies and hearing all of it live. Hahaha! :-)
Can't wait for the Academy Awards...

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