Post- Christmas Mantle

I know this has been a long-time coming, but I only recently got it "just right". After the Christmas set-up:
So festive!
Well, since this was a new edition over Christmas, I hadn't really had anything lined up to go on a mantle so for quite awhile it looked pretty sparse. There was nothing up there but the candlesticks and some pine needles. Sorry no photos available of that depressing look. Then, as I continued to tweak, it looked like this for a little while:

I still was not thrilled with it. at. all. I was living with it though. Then, after I re-did the Warren Cupboard, a lot of the things that were on the mantle migrated over the the top of the cupboard. Then I was left with a bare mantle again. Well, here is the final product, which I am finally happy with. 

It is pretty much a Nana-philosophy that putting some tulle and lights on anything will make it look better, and she's right. I picked up the light green frame on the far left at Home Goods on clearance for $5 and the green bottle in the middle for $5. The frame in between the two Home Goods items was a Target Clearance item for $3.50 I think. I like it. What do you think?


Janna said...

I love that you cited this as using "Nana philosophy". Mostly because that is so what I was thinking... :-)
The mantle looks good! Seeing all these revamp projects that you're doing makes me 99% sure I'll be calling you for advice when I have to decorate my own place.

Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Looks good! I like it, but I also like the other two Christmas and the first run of the not-Christmas mantle too.

Farmchick said...

I do like them all, but the simplicity of the second photo is my favorite.

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