It's been 2 weeks....

Whoops. Sorry readers - it's been a busy, hectic, and frustrating 2 weeks, with some bright spots.

I haven't written about how my eating and fitness goals are going for quite awhile, so I am going to give you a mini-update on that.

Since I signed up for roughly 2 months ago I have lost 4 lbs. Now, I know that seems a little measly considering my goal is 25 lbs, but it is progress! Also, the extra benefits and things that I am learning are wonderful. I have gained so much awareness of the things I am putting into my body. I am getting a lot better at gauging how many calories might be in something and I am alot more aware of how terrible I feel after eating something really crappy. For example, last night I had a chocolate cake shake from Portillo's and I loved every ooey, gooey, chocolately bite of it, but about 30 min after I finished the whole thing, my stomach started hurting. I felt bloated and gross. This morning, I still had a stomach ache. Now, was the entire chocolate cake shake worth that? Heck no! I am learning great lessons about changing my lifestyle and eating habits for good, and I am really excited about it. And ya know what? I am really excited about those 4 lbs too! I have done little to no exercising to lose that weight - it's been 90% calorie control. My body has just been using up those extra fat stores I have instead of being able to depend on 2000 calories of bad food to use and store up. I have felt better and had more energy for the most part and it has been great. Maybe by this time next year I will be ready for a bikini! haha We can dream right?

Other things to look forward too for you:
1. I rearranged my living room for a more open, spacious feel. I will share pictures as soon as I vacuum and pick up all of the doggy toys strewn about the room. :)
2. I am reading a fabulous book called Even Silence Has An End. It's about a Colombian woman who is held captive by guerrillas in the Amazon jungle for 6 years. I am only on chapter 12 and I am loving it. (Non-fiction btw - look at me branching out!)
3. I have officially begun Operation: Kitchen Redecoration. I was tired of the deep reds and browns and am going for something a little more sunny :) I am excited to show you that once it is finished. Right now the whole room looks a little bi-polar. It is half blue and yellow and half red, with a red wall even. Ha! Looking forward to brightening that up for Spring!!
4. The weather is finally nice enough to be outside for more than 3 minutes at a time, so today, I have officially started the Patio Overhaul! My father-in-law is bringing over his Shop-Vac later and I am suuuuuuper excited to blow all of the dead leaves and asian beetles (I HATE THOSE BUGS) off of my patio and to trash that ugly table! Woo hoo!  


Janna said...

I'm glad you're branching out into some non-fiction. I sometimes have a hard time reading it "for fun" too - especially because that's all I read for school. But there's some interesting stuff out there! :-)
Can't wait to see pics of your kitchen!!

Melanie said...

Andrew showed me about app last time i was home! it just congratulated me on longing in for 10 days straight. i'm really excited to see how much weight i lost but i don't have a scale here :( but it really is great for learning just like you said! proud of you for losing 4 lbs! that's awesome and so exciting!!
sounds like you've got some fun projects on the way! i'm excited to see how the kitchen turns out. it looked nice in red but it'll be so nice to be bright this spring and summer :D
miss you!

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