New Hair Vote.... again :)

I know it seems like just yesterday, I chopped off all of my hair, but really it has been about 6 weeks. Time for a trim if I intend to keep this short look up, which is NOT my norm. I usually chop off the hair, and come back a year later for a trim and color touch up. haha Well, I am really digging the shorter hair and it is driving me absolutely NUTS that it's been flipping out like crazy at the ends and going a little flatter than I'd like. So, here are the 3 contenders for the cut. I am leaning towards #3, but let's do a poll anyway.

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option 3:

Color options.... er, option. I know I want to lighten up for summer.... something I really haven't done before. I have almost always been brunette with occasional forays into the reds, but here is what I am thinking of for now:



Melanie said...

YAY! I think that's a great idea! keep it funky fresh :P I def like the first option! it'd looks so cute on you!! also: another one that you might wanna consider is: this is the one I go to every time I get fed up with long hair. It's really easy to maintain and still looks awesome as it grows back out :D

Melanie said...

I love the color..s lol light is definitely the way to go this time of year. I think a shade around those pictures would be perfect. Not too- omg i'm blonde- but just the perfect amount :D are you going all over color or are you gonna do highlights? I think that's the big difference between the first two pics and the last two pics.

Janna said...

Number three definitely looks like you. Definitely. As far as color, I guess it depends how drastic you want to go... I like the look of number three there, too. Can't wait to see pictures!! I LOVE my short hair. :-)

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