Even Silence Has An End - A Review

This book was fantastic. I was completely captivated by Ingrid's strength, tenacity, and passion for life. The way she endured the trials of 6 years of living in the Amazon jungle completely amazes me. I really enjoyed reading her analysis of her captors and the psychology that was behind it, even if it may have been unintentional on her part. She describes the jungle in a terrifying and captivating way, and I felt like I was with her on her grueling marches from one camp site to another. A human's capacity for survival is just awe-inspiring. Fellow prisoners were having heart attacks, giving birth, and slipping into diabetic comas - and still survived. Ingrid dealt with hepatitis and other ailments. I was truly enamored with this book from page 1.... and I don't do non-fiction. :) The only other thing I would have wanted from this book is a "where are they now" chapter. I want to know how her relationships with her fellow captives have evolved since their release and how they have adjusted to regaining their freedom. It was all so intriguing. Loved it. You should read it - even if you have zero interest in Colombian politics, like me.

5/5 - read it.


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