What I Wore Wednesday ; w/ epic bad picture :)

I love the idea of The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday posts. I think it is so fun to see what other women are wearing in their everyday lives. I feel like I really try to express myself through my hair and my clothes. I was thinking about that today and I really feel like that is a kind of art to me and I want to present myself well to the world. That said - I am linking up this week to The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! I am hoping to do this at least every other week - I think it will help me be more creative with my clothes and keep me accountable to shedding those pounds - because who really wants chubby pics up?

Now, are you ready for this epic-bad picture?? I am standing on a toilet. It was the ONLY way to get a full shot of my body taking my own picture.... so in future weeks, since tax season is over, I will try to make my husband do it so there are no more toilet shots. lol

This was pre-blonde hair :)

Dress, Shoes, Tank: Target 

Necklace: A less than $20 pearl store in the Cayman Islands

Bonus: A perplexed Sophie in the background wondering why the heck I am on the toilet.

And here's a new hair pic: 
I still think it looks ALOT lighter/brighter in person.


Farmchick said...

Love the new hair!

Jessica said...

Love the yellow dress! so spring-y! Love the hair! and LOVE that tax season is over :) !!

Melanie said...

Oooohh pretty dress!!! and the necklace too! Can't wait to see your hair this weekend!!! :D Miss you! :]

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