Living Room Quick Change

Well, I teased you all a while back saying I moved around the living room furniture. The whole feel is much more open, but cozy. Perhaps you will see why that makes sense in the pictures :)

Gosh it looked so darn clean right after we moved in :)

Gosh - I cannot WAIT for it to be that green and beautiful outside again. It's just a big mud pit these days!

Fairly traditional set-up of couch w/ both end tables and lamps

Couch is angled into room to create more of a conversational area w/ the big brown chair

I didn't take pics (because the aforementioned mud pit is tracking its way into our house) but there is a decent walk-way behind the couch for an entrance since we use our sliding glass door ALOT. Also, the pups just love lounging on the back of the couch and watching out that window - they may be turning into cats... only nicer :)

Little reading nook :)

Coffee table (which wasn't in the other pics) is now a double end table for the chair and couch. One of the end tables is against the far wall by the TV to display knick-knacks and puppy pics :)
Bonus: Izzie looking a little perplexed and yet, adroable :)

Don't mind the blue and yellow table and red wall combo there in the kitchen. lol That's still a work-in-progress :)
I like it for a change. Thoughts??


Farmchick said...

I think it is a nice change. I like it when things are not pushed against the walls all the time.

Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

When you said you changed the living room I was expecting you'd put the couch in the nook. Not sure why? Haha. Anyway, I like this too! Looks great and a new arrangement always makes me happy when I walk into a room :)

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