Royal Wedding Fever

I got a fever, and the only cure = British wedding hats!

I think the most fun thing about the entire Royal Wedding business, aside from the dress, has been seeing all of the crazy, demure, stylish, and questionable hats that showed up at the wedding. Why do we not wear hats in America?? So, in honor of the big day, I am doing a Red carpet-esque post for the Royal Wedding hats!

Bigger is... bigger.

Going incognito - perhaps she is trying to hide from the paparrazzi?

Nothing like a giant red flower on the side of you head:

She's Posh - she can do no wrong:

Proud mother, grandmother, and step-mother of the young couple. Queen Grandma takes the prize for color!

What were you thinking? Medusa much?
The blue one looks like a row boat and the purple a birds nest. Really?

And the belle of the ball: Complete Perfection:


Farmchick said...

Some of the hats were quite hilarious....and in such bad taste. However, I do wish hats were more popular in America.

Janna said...

Posh can do no wrong because everyone is looking at her husband... ;-)

Let's start a hat revolution in America. I'm in.

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