Weekend Update

Well, with all of the excitement of Easter being over, Brandon and I had a fairly relaxing weekend. It is kind of nice to have a husband around on the weekends since the dreaded tax season has ended. On Friday night we had dinner with the parents, in front of the TV, watching Royal Wedding coverage of course.
Saturday, I headed to the eye doctor, dropped the pups off for grooming, and went for a 2 mile run! I spent the rest of the day cleaning around the house while Brandon studied. Then Saturday night we went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with some of Brandon's extended family, and it was really great to see everyone! I wasn't overly thrilled with my meal, so I only ate half of it, which left plenty of room for a Coldstone stop!
I got lemon-poppy seed ice cream. It was fabulous! I only ordered the "like it" size, but she gave me a "love it" because the ice cream was mushy (which was totally OK with me, I prefer my ice cream a little soft!). Brandon got a peanut butter chocolate monstrosity. I took one bite and it was waaaaay too sweet for me!
Brandon also had an injury in the process of paying for the ice cream. He cut his finger on the glass counter, while reaching for napkins at my direction to save his dripping ice cream. It was quite the catastrophe. Here are some iPhone photos for your enjoyment:

Battle Wounds

Matches my sweater!

Neon yellow deliciousness!

Sunday was a nice lazy-nap-all-afternoon-eat-too-much kind of day. We did have a great sermon at church Sunday morning, talking about blooming where you are planted. Great message.
Now, we are back to the grindstone. I have Friday off this week (work Saturday though - boo) and am planning on making an Ikea run and doing another overhaul on my office. Also on the To-do list, is to go through my books, clothes, and closets to pick out stuff to sell at my in-laws annual garage sale. I am SO looking forward to being more organized and getting a little cash for things I don't need and don't use!


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Niiiiice. I also have an IKEA trip scheduled sometime this weekend for a living room frame project. I like your lemon sweater too :)

Janna said...

Ashlea, your hair looks super light in the picture with your ice cream!!

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