Blog Slacker

Oh gosh- this past week and a half have been whirlwinds. Last week we had our state inspection - can you say stressful?
Anyway, I wanted you all to know that I have not forgotten my blog, but have been too busy and brain dead to write. So, I will give you a quick weekend update and then a preview of upcoming posts.

I left work early Friday to set out to the sprawling metropolis of Macomb, IL to see my little brother graduate from WIU. We stayed out that way Friday so we could cut down on car time on Saturday. Before we could hit the open road though, we had to brief Nana and Papa on how to watch the pups. :) OK, actually, Nana and Papa came in to stay Friday night at our apartment to watch the girls AND to basically redecorate and clean my house. haha Look forward to some Kitchen and Office posts in the very near future. 
Anyway, we (and by we I mean me, Brandon, his 2 little sisters, and his parents) stayed in a little town called Canton and had adventures at the Dairy Dream. Saturday we headed to Macomb and met up with Grandma and Grandpa Derry and Andrew and Melanie for a family lunch before heading to the actual graduation ceremony. The ceremony was a snorefest nice and we were super proud to see Andrew get his degree!

And now, things to look forward to from me:
1. What I Wore Wednesday
2. A Review on Cutting for Stone (in one word - fantastic)
3. Apartment updates - lots of changes!
4. Another weekend update next week - have lots of good stuff planned!

And now, since I am emotionally drained from watching the season finale of Castle and an epic episode of Bones, I am going to call it a night!


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