Kitchen Light Loathing

I HATE my kitchen light fixtures. HATE them. I thought they were all cute and modern when we moved in, but living with them on a day to day basis has revealed more flaws than appeal. They give off more heat than light. The bulbs are like little individual spot lights and there are areas of the kitchen that do not get adequate lighting. The bulbs are also a HUGE pain to change - Brandon and I have broken more than our fair share in the past year and I am a little bitter at a light fixture that requires more than one person to change a bulb. These are the current fixtures:

Not so bad at first glace. Just live with them for a year. So, I am starting to look for some practical light fixtures that I can replace these with. From what the men in my life tell me, it won't be difficult to do. We will just store those bad boys until we move out and we could be in this apartment for a pretty long time, so I might as well love my lights :)
Here are some inspiration photos. I am just looking at style right now - I will worry about finding some bargains once I have a clear idea of what I would like. Keep in mind too that my kitchen-style is pretty countryfied now. I need something that is going to give off a good amount of light - and have 2 places to put up fixtures. I was also thinking about supplementing with some push-on lights, mounted underneath the cabinets, to give a little more light to the cooking space.
OK- now pick your favorites!!
Option #1

Option #2

Option #3 - kinda similar to 1

Option #4 - kinda similar to 1 and 3

Option #5

Option #6

Option #7

*sigh* Ultimate-fantasy-someday light.
 Alrighty - tell me your thoughts kids!


Farmchick said...

I like option 1 the best.

cindy derry said...

5 first. but it may not be country enough for you. So 3 is my second fav. it looks more country but has the sleekness of black.

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