The Watermelon Diet

That comic cracked me up. There are definitely days when I feel like that.

Anyway, this watermelon diet, don't worry I am NOT trying it. I just heard about it from a woman at work. Her friend is going to eat nothing but watermelon for several days. After 5 days she has already lost 12 pounds. Now, that may seem impressive, but it just makes me shudder because of all that I have learned recently about nourishing my body. It makes me sad and a little bit pissed off at America in general when I hear about these crazy fad diets. Our culture is so impatient and demanding. We want everything right this minute, no, we want it done yesterday.
Just this morning, I witnessed a lady experience some serious road rage in the McDonald's drive thru! She was yelling and honking because the car in front of her wasn't moving fast enough. Then she pulled out with tires squealing! It was ridiculous. Sorry you had to wait 2 more minutes for your Egg McMuffin. Yikes.

Back to the diet.

Weight loss is work. It takes self-control and discipline and self-motivation. You can't simply eat watermelon for weeks and have a healthy, long-term weight loss. The minute this woman starts eating like a normal human being again she is going to pack back on the pounds because she has messed up her metabolism. I am constantly having this argument with Nana too. She is forever trying to most recent diet she saw on Oprah or read in the National Enquirer (those are some doozies). She always tells me that I need to try them too and I always tell her no. I am going to eat a calorie-controlled, well-balanced diet and be more physically active. That is absolutely the ONLY healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. It is about a lifestyle change, not one week of watermelon.

Is it easy?

I have been working on being more healthy (I won't say to lose weight, because that isn't the ultimate goal) and have a more active lifestyle since February. So four months.
I have lost 8 pounds. I have shed 3.5 inches off of my waist and 1 inch off of my hips. I feel awesome about that. Yes, it is taking a really long time. And yes, I still have a long way to go. I don't eat great every day. I fall off the wagon all of the time. But, I get back on. I lace up my shoes and go for a run. I choose yogurt over ice cream. I keep working. I am liking the results and people are starting to notice. I have had so many co-workers ask me if I am losing weight in the last week. I like to be able to say yes and am now even more motivated to keep on working towards my goals.

Let's re-visit "Fat Ashlea" and meet "Just Chubby Ashlea"
Ah yes - fat girl with ice cream. Judge away. :) (Summer 2010)

And now - I have to confess - I am cheating a little in this pic. Shape-wear rocks my world. Kelly Osborne would be proud. Still, though, a considerable difference.

Definite progress. Maybe, by this time next year, I can shop for a bikini, instead of tummy-controlling one pieces! A girl can dream!! :)


Farmchick said...

You look awesome! Eating right just has to be a way of life as does choosing to be healthy. Nothing wrong with having bad food every now and again, but for me I can't do it all the time. Too many calories!

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