No Spend Fails

$32 - maxi skirt from Maurices
$13 (originally $26) - dress from Maurices

I know, I know, I know. I do NOT need any more clothes. BUT they just opened a Maurices like 10 minutes away from me! I haven't been there in a year (except once in DeKalb)! Both pieces are versatile and I can wear them casual or dressy and in any season. AND - they were having a buy-one, get-one half off sale for their grand opening. I am trying to regret it, but I can't.

$7.54 (originally $34, marked down to $17) - floral tank from Kohls

More clothes... This was for good reason though. I had a $10 Kohls bucks that I had to spend before July 17th or else I would lose it. So I really saved $27 on this purchase. :)

$13 - 3 bottles of nail polish - 2 were crackle!

Ugh. Dumb. dumb. I thought I was getting a good deal on crackle nail polish. The OPI brand sells for $8.50 a pop, so I though $4 for a bottle was a great deal, so I buy 2. Only problem, I don't like the pink. I am going to try to take it back tonight. The black crackle is actually really cool, but I didn't need it... or the silver polish I bought to go under it.

$11 - Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs lotion

This is a lotion that gives you a gradual tan AND minimizes the need to shave so often. I am pale and the amount of hair on my legs almost makes me believe in macro-evolution. There has to be a gorilla somewhere in my family tree. You do the math here - Worth. every. penny.

So, grand total of $76 and some change for this edition of Spend Fails. :)

All in all though, I don't think I am doing to terrible. The clothes were bought on the same night in a moment of weakness. In the past though, I think I would have come home with 3 or 4 outfits, plus accessories - this is improvement. I have also noticed that I am trying to make my money count and buy items that will last and are more versatile. I am going to keep going with it for the next couple weeks and see what the grand total at the end of the month is... Hopefully its around $78 (remember my impulse itunes buy a couple weeks ago?)


Janna said...

I'm proud of you! I lived with you for long enough to know what your impulse spending looked like... ;-) Plus if that Nivea lotion is the stuff you gave me years ago, it's totally worth it.
Sometimes a girl just needs to buy some clothes. And that's saying a lot coming from me!

Farmchick said...

Just did some shopping at Maurices myself! Sometimes a girl does just have to shop!

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