No Spend July

I was reading a blog the other day and the author decided that she was enforcing a “No Spend July” for all of her DIY projects. Her blog is almost exclusively about DIY projects, so I was obviously impressed and inspired. Now, I blog about pretty much whatever I want, so I am extending “No Spend July” into all areas of life. From July 5 – August 5, I am only allowing myself vital purchases. My definition of “vital” is going to be something I must have to live (i.e. groceries, gas, dog food, regular bills, etc.). This is going to definitely be a challenge and an exercise of self-control, something of which I am lacking. If I do not stick to my “No- spend” rule for the month, my punishment is to blog about my frivolous purchases. Hopefully, this can make me see how absolutely silly some of the things are that I buy and that I will have a much bigger reward from saving my pennies. Brandon and I both have student loans to pay down, a new car payment for me, and every day expenses - a much larger portion of our finances should be allotted towards early pay-offs, rather than my ever-growing scarf collection. I need to re-learn the lesson of saving up money for a big purchase, rather than just swiping a credit card for something I want. A couple of things I would like to save up for:

1. A new, high quality straightener

2. A high quality, comfortable pair of nude high heels

3. Excursions for our winter vacation

4. Airline tickets for a destination wedding in January

5. A set of yellow dishes to add to our blue and white ones to have place settings for 12

I am going to try not to buy any of those items without intentionally setting aside money for them first.

One big-ticket purchase (for me at least) will be coming up this weekend. Brandon and I are both going to invest in a pair of high quality running shoes at a local running shoe store. Spending this past weekend with 4 marathon runners has definitely inspired my hubby to pick up running again and the shoe experts are strongly encouraging an upgrade in our shoes. I am going to look at this particular purchase as a vital one, since it likely will extend our lifespan in the long run (ba-dum-cha), if we continue to be healthy and active. (It’s a stretch, but I am technically blogging about it already, so I am following my rules… technically)

Now, why am I starting July 5th and not the 1st? We took full advantage of our holiday weekend and went to Cincinnati to see some friends. I knew that we would be spending moola on food, gas, and entertainment, so I didn’t bother starting on the first. I also may have squeezed in a couple last minute shopping sprees in the past week, since I knew I was starting this today. Whoops – those don’t count! (See what I mean about the self-control issues?)

The hubby is hoping that “No Spend July” turns into “No Spend Summer” and “No spend 2011”. We will see how far I can actually take it. Wish me luck! Join me for the challenge if you are up to it!!


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Good goals! I can't join you but am proud of you!

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