Weekend Shenanigans

It has been quite the busy last couple weekends! I am currently winding down with what will probably be a mock-able movie, Beastly and some Trader Joes Moscasto.

I was going to write a post re-capping our adventures in Cincinnati, OH last weekend, but my girl AlliFerg beat me to it. So head over to her blog to read about that fabulous trip. Here's a couple pics to tide you over:

Now, fast forward to this weekend. Friday night I was able to tear my husband away from the books for a nice dinner in downtown Lisle. Randomly, there was also a parade of Beauty Queens and car show going on as well. It was actually all quite charming. We had dinner at a little Mexican restaurant called Yerbabuena and both really enjoyed the food and plan on going back.

Chicken Cheese Enchiladas!

Steak Fajitas
Saturday morning we started off with a trip to the dog park since it was so nice out. Izzie promptly got into the mud.
Needless to say - they got baths when we got home.

Later on Saturday I went grocery shopping. I went to not one, not two, but three stores! I started off with Aldi, then had my first experience at Trader Joes - which may possibly be my new favorite store-  and then finished up at Dominicks to get a few of our staples. I am really looking forward to trying some new dishes and pumped about all of the fresh fruit I got too!

Last night we grilled out and then hit up the IMAX to see Transformers. It was epic. However, it was a little  disconcerting to see Chicago blown to bits - even if it was by robot aliens. Look at how huge the 3D glasses are now!

Here's a little preview of the movie too! I totally enjoyed it - I can't believe that Brandon had to drag me kicking and screaming to see the first one and now they are some of my favorite movies.


e Liz said...

you ladies look so cute! yay for date nights, and a super cute couple pic. and.. I can't wait to see Transformers - D got to see some of the Chicago taping from his office, and is looking forward to the final product.

Farmchick said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! My son loved that movie as well.

B. Wilson said...

1. You all looks totally cute.

2. Yerbabuena = good but expensive.

3. Trader Joe's is THE best store ever. I literally google-mapped the distance between the nearest TJ's and our home before we bought a house. I wasn't willing to live more than 3 miles from one. We live 2.6 miles from the Naperville location. Yes, a little crazy, but I'm from California and they are literally ALL over the place.

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