Grey Poupon?

I have always been a picky eater. When I was a kid, I ate mac and cheese, tomato soup and grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets (from McDonalds preferably), pasta, potatoes, PB &J, and desserts. 

That. Was. it. I didn’t like to try anything new. 

I vividly remember one Christmas when my dad forced me to stay at the table until I ate my green beans. As I recall, I didn’t actually have to finish them (Mom and Grandpa to the rescue!) and to this day I abhor green beans. 

Not much has changed in the past 20 years. I am still a picky eater – and I definitely blame this on my childhood eating patterns – my parents had other things on their plates than worrying about my food variety. I am trying to experience more foods now though. While we were in Cincinnati for the weekend, I fearlessly tried a scallop for the first time.  It was delicious! Who knew? 

This morning, after hearing about the delicious lunch that my friend packs every day, I had waffles with peanut butter, bananas, and honey. It was heaven on a plate. Fabulous. 

I don’t really know enough about food and culinary arts to pick out what things are going to taste good together, so I need some help. I can follow a recipe like nobody’s business, but need some guidance on what goes together. I often find myself making main dishes and having no idea what to put with them for veggies and starches.  Example: Two nights ago we had Trader Joes orange chicken with white rice. That’s it – that was my whole meal creation. Sad right? 

My new goal for the rest of the year (like a mid-year resolution) is to try to make 1 new complete meal per month – something we have never tried before. I need to add to my arsenal of recipes.  I also want to make them as healthy and well-balanced as possible.  I also really need them to be easy. I don’t want to put in more than 30 minutes if I can avoid it – it’s just too hard with work, dogs, squeezing in a work out, and then being faced with the daunting task of making dinner. Last night, I ate cereal for dinner, tonight is looking like a Ramen night – get the idea?

So now, with all of those parameters, what’s your favorite easy, healthy, well-balanced meal to make for your family? Or where do you find great dinner ideas?


hschiesher said...

Ashlea! I am trying to do about the same thing! I have started following: (I realize you are not a Mom of children yet, but the busyness is still similar to what she has available for cooking.) Anyway, she lists a weekly menu plan. Along with that, there are also some great links to recipes that she uses with her family. Super easy, quick and healthy! I have found a new dish called "Italian Pasta Bake" and it is super easy and Heath actually said he loved it! I hope that helps!

J. said... because they do a good job of educating readers to the health benefits of food pairings (ie. black beans and tomato to help absorb the iron in the beans).

Also The public libraries usually have several of their books. Highly recommend "Cooking for Health" or "Cooks at Home." They include prep and cooking times!

Way to go in your healthy journey!

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