Heaven is For Real - a book review

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I had heard some of the buzz about this little book and on a whim decided that I would read it. I don’t have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe how wonderful I thought this book was, especially the little boy.
The book is told by the father’s point of view and chronicles over a very dark period of time for his family, culminating in the near-death of his 3 year old son. While the little boy, Colton, is being operated on, he claims to have visited Heaven, for 3 minutes. His account of his journey to Heaven, meeting with Jesus and other relatives he could have never known, comes out over a period of years. His parents were very cautious in discussing this with him and did not want to lead him on with their questions. Colton describes Heaven in such detail, noting things that align with Scripture, that he never could have known. Last time I checked, they don’t teach Revelation in Sunday School….
I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
To Christians: This can be a tool to start up conversations about Christ and it can give you a renewal of faith. I know it did for me. The message of love and having Christ in your heart that is spoken from a 3 year old voice is so powerful. It reminded me how strong the faith of a child is and how we should all strive for a more child-like faith.
For non-believers – this book might just change your mind. I know you would be skeptical of the idea that a child would go to Heaven and may even think it is all made up, but I really hope that this little boy can touch your heart and show you the love of Christ.


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