Living Room Face Lift

Nothing like being MIA for 2 weeks. Sorry folks- I had the worst case of bronchitis I have had in my life and was laid out for over a week. I am still on the mend a little bit now, so, in an effort to get out of my funk, I wanted to share with you a pinterest project that has now inspired an entire living room re-vamp, which I started (along with this post) nearly a month ago. My goal is to do it all in under $100 (HA!).
My project here cost about $20 with the material and hoops, but could definitely be done for less if you have scraps of material laying around. My inspiration was this adorable room and baby girl:

So cute right? I hope my kids are that cute…I found this on pinterest and followed this tutorial.

Well, I really wanted to brighten up my living room and thought that material would be a great way to bring in color. I also had a great pier 1 buy (Thanks to Alli over at Ferguson Finds) and an amazing score at Savers (a goodwill-but-nicer store) with colored glass vases to put on the mantle, which looked something like this before the new wall-art.

Then we add the art:

It was so simple to put the fabric in the embroidery hoops. Just a little bit of tacky glue and trim to fit! I arranged them on the floor before I put them up above the mantle.


Very helpful assistant


When I first had it up I didn’t think it was full-enough, so I ran out and got a couple more medium-sized hoops. But now that I have been looking at it for a couple days weeks, I think it might be OK. Thoughts?

Just to refresh you on the metamorphosis of the mantle:




 And now:

This has now spawned a whole list of projects :
1. Refurbish my $10 ottoman - (done, just need to blog it now)
2. New accessories to being the brightness of the mantle into the rest of the room (done - ish)
3. New DIY wall – art (out-sourced this project to papa…)
4. Paint the TV stand (ok – this has actually been on the list for like 2 years…)
5. Maybe a new wreath to replace my country-fied one
6. Pillow shams from leftover material (also done-zo)

The list could go on and on and on….

Well, what do ya’ll think of the new mantle and art? What's your fav look for the mantle?


Brittney said...

LOVE it!! Soooo cute!! I love your decorating/projects blogs!

Janna said...

I love it! I'm starting to have an appreciation for colored glass, so I love the display on the mantle. I'm also always looking for great things to use on the wall. Plus it's colorful. I'm sure you knew I'd love it. :-)

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