Oops I Did it Again....

Yep - that's right folks. I have re-done the living room again... I know, I didn't even get to show you all of the last re-vamp. I had to change it up for fall though. Everything was so.... pastel. I couldn't keep it with all of the rich smells and tones of fall all around. So, I just Fall-ified everything, which also may have country-fied the whole place. I tried to shy away from country decor for awhile, but it is just so me! You can take the girl out of the country... but the girl will bring the country to her living room:

I love fall, so the whole room feels much cozier to me now. I think that these grapevine wreaths will get me all the way through winter too and then maybe my fabric hoops can come back out next spring.
Like the new fall decor or am I just crazy for not sticking with one thing?


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Funny title. I like the chance, very you. The hoops were cool but this this is more your style :)

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