Pinterest + Papa = Art

Now, I have been teasing you all for weeks about my new awesome art in my living room. Well today, I have pictures folks!
This was my inspiration photo:

I found it on pinterest and it was a headboard. I showed it to Papa once and told him the measurements I would want it for my living room. He took this and ran with it. I got this photo about half way into the project:
 This is the frame with the lights - Papa's idea of "messy". It was a "simple" wood frame. Then I got this pic:
Nana had to test it out on her own wall first. haha
It looks like this in my living room:

Purdy huh?? :)


Farmchick said...

Love this!!!!! I am having a bit of a love affair with Pinterest right now. Such a great website with great ideas for anyone.

Jen@ADropintheBucket said...

What an awesome idea! I LOVE this!

Janna said...

This is so cool! These are the reasons I'm going to make you come and help me decorate my house (when I get one...). :-)

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