Pinterest Project #1 - Fluffy tulle wreath - complete!

I am halfway to one of my November goals! I have completed a pinterest project!!

I was inspired by this beauty here:

Unfortunately, there is no tutorial, just a link to the etsy shop, so I had to wing it on how to make it. Luckily, Mama Derry and I made tulle tutus a couple years ago, so I had a good idea on what to do.

Twine/jute string
Tulle (in different shades of silver and white and GLITTER!)
foam floral wreath
push pins

I wrapped a foam wreath in jute/twine first. Then I started tying on tulle.
Here is a halfway photo: (I ran out of jute string!)

I just pinned on the flowers and the twine one is actually an ornament. That was a flea market find!

Here she is pre-flowers and in dire need of a hair cut:

Unfortunately, I had no idea how much tulle to buy, so of course, I overdid it. I have a TON of it left over, but good thing I am hand-making lots of Christmas decor this year! yay!

The finished product (who may still get another haircut):

Stay tuned for another project... or 2... or 3!!


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