Christmas 2011

Oh my dear neglected blog. December has been the whirlwind month I expected it to be, and even more, since I have gotten sick, sleep-deprived, and jet-lagged all in the past 3 weeks. Unfortunately, my blog is the area that has suffered most. Well, no more! I am finally going to post some unfortunate iphone pics of our Christmas decor (which has been up since before Thanksgiving, but I am pretty sure some people would have sent out a lynch mob after me had I posted these sooner!)

 Brandon often balks at my 'no colored lights' rule and my 'matchy-matchy' decorating approach, but I don't have a lot of sentimental Christmas stuff from my past. (I have promised him a 2nd tree with colored lights and handmade ornaments when we have kids, I am not a total Christmas snob!) But for now, my trees look like this:
Our Tree

I knew I really wanted to do a contrast of silver and the natural burlap fibers, then Alli and I went to the Kane County Flea Market. Oh man, there was an entire display that was like my dream Christmas decor. I swear these women had been inside my head!! It was fantastic! I snagged my stockings and the window frames for my mantle at the flea market.

The wreath was made by me, inspired by Pinterest (of course) and you can read about that here. I also made some of the larger ornaments. Hopefully I can post some better photos of the ornaments later. There are some covered in tulle, feathers, and twine. I love the way this turned out. I actually got the idea for the window frames on the mantle from a Home Depot commercial of all things.

I also have (but not pictured) a couple greenery wreathes hanging on either side of my couch with a feathered ornament hanging in the center and another plain green wreath replacing my fall wreath with a white feather stuck on it. :) 

And here is me as Sugarplum Mary the elf, Mrs. Claus's personal assistant. Oh the things I do for my job... I love it. Please don't mind the TV tray in the foreground... I was rushing the photographer.

Now here is Izzie, getting into the holiday spirit. I ordered these Christmas tutus from an etsy shop, Tutus N Shirts for Dogs and I love them! The dogs were more excited about the bones that came in the package, but this is just all kinds of Christmas cuteness! Happy holidays everyone!!


Farmchick said...

I love your white lights tree. I have two kids, but still have white lights! Go figure! Have a Merry Christmas!

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