Golden Globes : Nudes on Parade

The flesh-toned dress was back again this year at the Globes. I have to say, this is a trend I am tired of. Some of these women worked it, while others flopped. All in all though, I think most of these dresses would have been more successful in a richer hue:
Heidi Klum. eh. Like the necklace, but bored with the dress

Amy Poehler - easily one of my favorite actresses/characters of all time. Dress. eh.

Elle MacPhersen. Looks fab for her age... dress. Pretty.

Oh dear me. Not a good look.

Julie Bowen. LOVE her. Not loving that dress.

Kate Beckinsale. One of the few nude dresses I actually liked.

Katherine McPhee. Blech.

Mary J. Blige. Now, I love that she always stays true to herself. Still hate that dress.

Piper Parabo. Now, this is probably the worst pic of all time... bit the dress still sucks.

Vintage Valentino. One of the best in the bunch of nudies.

Don't know who she is, but I do not like this dress

Julia "Gigi" Ransick. Love her. Totally get the need for the embellishments and high collar (she's currently undergoing treatments for breast cancer) but I still wish her dress had a color. Just think how fab she could have looked in a hot pink or cobalt blue or even that crazy yellow that was all over the red carpet. *sigh*


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