Grand Dames and Lack-luster Looks

This Golden Globes post is dedicated to these women who look fabulous for their age and whom I hope to age half as gracefully as - I present the Grand Dames of Hollywood.
Jane Fonda

Glenn Close

Helen Mirren
And now, onto those dresses that were pretty, but not breath-taking and questionable. These are the looks that less than impressed or just downright confused me.
Tilda Swinton. We get it, you are weird. But, I like the look, in a weird way.

Angie. Her boobs seemed distressed. :) I think everything about this, despite the soft color was too severe for me.

Emily Deschanel. Why the sleeve? 

Emma Stone. (this one hurts my heart a little, since I love her so. much.) Why the eagle belt? Whyyyyyy?

Jessica Alba. Pretty, but I am bored.

Jodi Foster - looking good for Jodi Foster. But again, bored.

Julianne Moore. She looks spectacular from the waist up. I don't understand why her dress does that extra flare-thing at her hips. So unnecessary.

Kelly Osborne. Loved that dress.... just hate her hair, and that its wrinkled.

Mila Kunis. You can do so much better.

Natalie Portman. It's just off.

Salma Hayek. This was described as a Wonder Woman dress. She's so beautiful though....

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Now, I like it. I think it is really sweet that she let her 3 year old daughter pick out her dress. I like that it is fun and different from everything else on the red carpet. I was very close to putting her on my best dressed list.

What do you think?
Worst looks to come tomorrow!!


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