SAG trends, misses, and some superlatives

There were a few ladies at the SAGs whose dresses missed the mark, but weren't the worst, some silvery trends, and a couple who deserved their own superlative (YHL does it, so its gotta be cool right? ;)).
Let's start with the trend of the night - silver.

Octavia looking regal in the cool hue

Naya looking lovely

Lea Michele.... thats just alot of leg for me....
The Superlatives:
Most Likely to be confused with a Harry Potter Professor 

Most Improved from the Globes!

See what a hot mess Jessica was at the Globes? So much better at the SAGs
Personal Best - Ashlee Simpson. I have never seen this girl look this good!

And those who just didn't quite hit it on the mark for me, but weren't the worst of the worst:
Zoe Saldana... its shiny.

Michelle Williams, cute as a button, but something is just off.

I just dont know.... Pretty, but drab?

Sofia, Sofia - you don't need any pleating on the girls...

What do you think?


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