SAG Worst Dressed

And here is my favorite part - to pick out the celebs who are the "fash-holes" (ala Joan Rivers!). I am probably a terrible person to enjoy seeing celebrities look bad, because they are people too... kinda... Eh - enough moral mumbo jumbo for now. Here are the celebs who I think crashed and burned on the red carpet of the SAGs. Apparently money doesn't buy taste:

Busy Phillips - apparently thought this was a day at the beach.
Amber Riley - starting off a parade of Glee-girl flops. A bow on your boobies? Really?

Diana Agron for JC Penny

Heather Morris. I just... I just don't know. It's like Matrix meets Batman meets a shredder.

Jenna Ushkowitz - I would love it if it weren't SHEER.

Kristin Wiig. Why the choker? Whhhhhhyyyyyyy???

Rose Byrne. It's a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit. And the Anna Wintor haircut? blech.

Shailene Woodly. I think it was inspired by Hawaii where her movie was filmed, but it just looks like a floral nightgown to me.


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