Grammy Fashion

Sadly, I did not get to watch the Grammy's on Sunday and attempted to watch them on hulu, but they weren't up so I am just going on photos I have gleaned online. 
Oh man - so many people looked a hot mess at the Grammy's. I had to stop saving pictures and tried to not to include people that I didn't know. But whoa - get ready for a fashion bonanza. Starting out with the Best Dressed:
Corinne Bailey Rae - I felt like she captured the fun spirit of the Grammy's and still looked classy

Jane Seymour - No idea why she was there, but dang, looking good lady

John Legend and Chrissy Teigan - hottest couple on the red carpet

Kelly Osborne. Great dress - hair - meh at least its purple and not grey

Kelly Rowland - love, love, love her whole look

Paris Hilton - it pains me that she's on my best dressed list.

Rebecca Black - not sure why she got invited to the Grammy's but she looks downright adorable

And of course - Sophie Grace and Rosie! Those girls rock a tutu!!
And here a few looks I thought were only so-so:
Adele - love. love. love her dress. I'm just not digging the styling of her hair and make-up

Jessie J. She looks like a disco ball. Can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing

Malin Ackerman. I think I like it.. maybe...

Taylor Swift. I like that she is departing from her normal look, but I am not sure this was the direction to go

Carrie Underwood - a bit matronly, but the back might save it

see - sexy back.

Gwyneth Paltrow - again, not sure why she was at the Grammys, but I think I like her dress.

Katy Perry - her hair matches her dress. hmm.
What are your thoughts? Who's your fav?

Stay tuned for Worst Dressed tomorrow!!!!


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

I'm bringing sexy baaaaack. I like Carrie's dress but isn't she married? Can't she not wear that much white?

AshleaD said...

I have never heard that before... I think she can still wear white even though she's married... lol

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