Grammy's Worst Dressed

This is a trimmed down list of the most busted looks I could find (and trust me - there was no lack of busted looks)!
Adam Levine's g/f. I mean really - you couldn't have worn a whole dress? gross.

Bonnie McKee - looks like she needs to shave the muppet hair out of her pits.

Cyndi Lauper. So, your goth now?

Fergie - I see London, I see France - I see Fergie's underpants!

The Guettas - they must be meant for one another if they both have this bad of taste

Jamie Grace. Mullet skirt - check. Cowboy boots - check. Asian-inspired top - check. confused - for sure.

Robyn - I have NO words. this is just horrendous!

Snooki - looking worse than usual.

Taraji P. Hensen. It's like she couldn't decide between fierce and ladylike so she just combined them.

Sascha Gradavia. This is the most unfortunate and confusing look of all. Masterpiece of a dress - then there's that terminator arm - which is supposed to be a statement against war - because that makes sense
So who would you vote Worst Dressed???


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