The Week of #Epicfails

This week has not gone my way folks, but I suppose that’s OK because some of my #fails are pretty humorous.  We are having our state inspection at work this week and it may be the death of me, but all stress aside, go ahead and laugh at me folks. 

#fail – oversleeping, leaving the house late, getting all the way out of my subdivision and realizing I didn’t have my phone, had to turn around to get it. Then shortly after I get to work – the state shows up.
#fail – drinking coffee from a Nalgene. Yup – I was out of clean travel coffee mugs.
#fail –waking up at 2am and asking B if our apartment building is on fire. The alarm was going off and there were 3 fire engines outside of our building with lights glaring. The lights are what made me think the building was actually on fire and actually woke me up – not that alarm blaring in the hall. So much for a good night’s sleep huh?
#epicfail – being so stressed that I hijack my husband’s keys. He texts me at work, “honey, do you know where my keys are?” and I immediately had a sinking feeling I knew exactly where they were… 3 feet from me in the bottom of my purse right next to my keys. That was a frantic dash from work to home and back again. To be fair – they were hanging on my key hook (which I had apparently designated as mine without telling B. whoops).
#fail – totally judging (silently, in my head) someone for their B.O. and getting back to my office and realizing it was actually me. Stress makes me sweat people.
#fail – nearly having a heart attack when my phone rang and fearing it was work… nope – just Alli – and it was wonderful to hear her voice. 
#fail – this new stupid blog layout. Something got wonky with my formatting on the other one, so I decide hey - it’s time for a change anyway. Yeah, so not loving this – so let’s just call it a work in progress. 

*sigh* I hope ya’ll are at least entertained by my moments of stupidity this week. If not though, here’s a little nursing home humor for ya. My aunt’s friend told her this joke who told Nana who told me. 

Two women in a nursing home, let’s call them Ruth and Ethel, are sitting at their table eating lunch.
Ruth says to Ethel “You know you have a suppository sticking out of your ear.”
Ethel is incensed and says “I certainly do NOT!”
Ruth says, “Oh yes you do!”
Ethel reaches up and plucks the suppository from her ear and looks at it thoughtfully. Finally she says “Well I now I know where my hearing aid is.”


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