Gone too long

Ay yi yi folks -
I feel like I can't catch a break around here! This past month has been immensely stressful and from my work day today it doesn't seem like there is any sign of it letting up. I am tired of neglecting my dear ol' blog. I just haven't had enough energy to put together a coherent post in the past couple weeks. I switched up the background again, but there is no guarantee it will stay.

So what have I been up to the past couple weeks?
Working 7 days in a row.
Continuing to work on my new support group materials (oh did you miss this? I started a support group at my church for loved ones of people with dementia!)
Took a quick trip to the Field Museum in Chicago
Re-vamped my patio - with much help from Nana and Papa
Survived a state survey
Did ridiculous amounts of mind-numbing training at work
Declined my grad school acceptance (it was fishy, very fishy)
Read several books - it was about the only thing I could make myself do when I wasn't working
Gained back most of the weight I had lost (cursed stress.)
Enjoyed spending actual, real time with my husband.
Booked a vacation (ok well my Father-In-Law actually booked it, but I am still stoked about it!)
Went back to my roots (for my hair color) 

And more that I simply can't think of. Whew. Its been a whirlwind and now hopefully I can keep up with the blog a little better. Maybe I will squeak out a What I Wore post tomorrow. I have been dutifully taking photos despite the lack of posting!


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