Company Review - ProFlowers vs. 1-800Flowers

How many of you out there are getting your loving moms flowers for Mother’s Day?  
Me too.
I have 3 women in my life that I regularly send flowers too. I love getting flowers and I think it is a sweet, special way to say “I am thinking about you and I love you” even when I can be there to say it in person.
My “go-to” site has been I also have used 1-800-Flowers a couple times depending on where I can get the better deal. Most of the time, I am able to get at least 15% off one site or the other. Through B’s job I can always get 15% off on 1800Flowers. How much is that really worth though, if they don’t deliver what you order?
Anyway, I will get to that in a bit.
I also get email coupons from both companies. I love being on a good email list for coupons and such, but 1-800-Flowers has gotten completely out of control. I have received – wait for it – not one, not two, but EIGHT EMAILS SINCE TUESDAY. Yes, 2 days 8 emails. Just kidding, make that NINE – another one just popped up in my inbox.
I feel like that is borderline harassment! Who in their marketing department thinks it is a good idea to spam their potential clients?!
Now yes, that is irritating. However, I have more issues with 1-800-Flowers than just their aggressive email tactics. Normally, when I order flowers for people I don’t actually get to see the bouquets. I am out of town, which is generally why I order the flowers. One time though, I was actually at Nana’s after a bouquet had arrived and I looked at it and thought “Hmm that is not what I ordered.” Now, I can’t say for sure that this happened more than once, but it still bugged me that I specifically ordered a bouquet of tulips for a very specific reason and she got a random bunch of mixed flowers, with no notification to me that she didn’t get what I ordered.
Also, Brandon has sent me flowers at work for my birthday and Valentine’s. He uses 1800Flowers because of his discount, which I fully support. However, one day they showed up with sports-themed balloons on them. Why? I don’t know. Brandon didn’t order them. They didn’t say happy birthday – they were just a random bunch of baseball, soccer, and basketball-shaped balloons on my pretty floral arrangement. Perhaps they work with shady florists. I can’t say for sure, but I definitely think the quality of ProFlowers and their customer service significantly beats out 1800Flowers for me.
ProFlowers emails me when they pick up the flowers for delivery and when they get delivered. I know for certain my flowers are received.  AND they always look like the picture, which is hugely important when ordering flowers online. You can also usually get discounts too, especially from radio stations. My morning station offers coupon codes on a regular basis around holidays for ProFlowers. They get my vote!

**I was in no way compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Basically, it's my blog, I do what I want** :)


Alli (and Tommy, too!) said...

Wow, love the new design. Very you.

And I have never ordered from either site! I know this is expired, but click here for a 50% off at 1-800 from Google Offers.

I wonder if 50% makes it worth the crazy sporting balloons?

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