Trends That Should've Stayed in the 90's

Sometimes I don’t understand why fashion trends are resurrected. Now, I know this isn’t the first time we have seen these offenders, but for some reason the Fashion-Powers-that-Be can’t seem to just let them die. The most recent re-incarnations of these fashion flops we will be visiting today are the Jumpsuit, the Acid Wash, the Harem pants, and the Shoulder Pad. 

1990’s Jumpsuit:

Come on, be honest, who had one of these? No, well you are in luck because you could buy this “Vintage” 1990’s piece on! (btw- when did the 90’s become vintage?! I swear I am not that old!). I wish I could dig up old school pictures from grade school. I have at least 2 that I can think of off the top of my head that were taken in equally hideous jumpsuits.
Current resurrection of the Jumpsuit:

Now, it doesn’t offend me completely. However, who can really wear these besides models? Plus, bathroom usage just seems so much more complicated – Who really wants to get completely undressed to relieve herself? No thank you. 

1990’s Acid Wash:

Current Acid Wash:

Yeah. Not much has changed. This is equally horrible in either decade. 

1990’s Hammer… I mean Harem Pants: 

Come on, who doesn’t want to look like MC Hammer?! Yeah, me neither.
Current Harem/Hammer Pant: 

They really look like jammies to me. Yes, I get it they are comfortable, but I don’t think they are flattering on any of these women really. And Kim K’s outfit looks like the new Snow White’s fighting outfit! 

Lily Collins does it better though. 

1990’s Shoulder pads:

Those designing women rocked this look.
Current Shoulder pads: 

Ugh Lady Gaga what have you done to fashion? I hate this look – they even have the harem pants too. Why do women want to look like mutant football players? I have never loved this look. It was bad then. It’s worse now. 

And one last thing – It’s not a bad fashion trend that won’t die, but it makes me sad all the same. Do you guys remember when John Mayer looked like this?

Yum right?
Well, I saw him on Ellen last week and nearly cried. 

He used to be hot. What has Montana done to this man?!
Well that’s all for today – anyone agree to disagree on the fashion trends? Anyone else sorely disappointed in John Mayer’s new look?


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