Sometimes Styling is Hard

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to wear an outfit. You may have the basic pieces - top and bottom, but how you style it can make all the difference. I had particular struggled this day as you can see - I just couldn't figure out how exactly I wanted to look. My basic rules for styling myself are 1. establish my goal for my outfit - comfort, fashion, professional, etc, 2. determine the feeling/aura I want to project - cute, comfy, sexy and so on... 3. Be practical about where you are going and what you are doing.
 I knew that my goals this day were comfort and coziness. I was going to be spending much of the day in a salon and just wanted to be comfortable.
Here are the bare bones of the outfit:
Tunic, leggings, and sweater

I still thought it needed something. A little pop of color.

With a belt
The belt was OK, but wasn't as comfy as I was going for
So then I threw on a scarf
It was better, and comfortable, so I went with it. Still not my favorite look of the week, but hey, I was just going to get my hair done with some girlfriends. No one to really try to impress. Plus I completely mastered the comfort aspect as I completely fell asleep in the shampoo bowl (thank you my lovely friends for not taking photos of that).
Then Alli showed me a new snazzy way to tie my scarf. :) And, I have finally reverted back to my original hair color. Like it?


Alli (and Tommy, too!) said...

LOVE IT! Your hair, that is.
And the rest of you for that matter :)

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